Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

Well now that three mages are raid worthy – and one even has two of the ‘time’ tier pieces from raid finder /dance

The other two mages are clearly letting the side down – but it’s ok I can manage. Got one epic so far ! woo… if i keep at it I might earn some nice rep – who knows.

Level 85!

Just a quick post to say the magi are now level 85!

They are two pieces of epic equipment already, (Mantle of Desire) and (Charmbinder Grips). The latter of which I managed to pick up five for about 100-250g each on the AH, bargain!

Finally we’re onto Cataclysm instances.

I heard about another boxer completing all instances with five mages, I think I came across the video to find that they were done with level 85! mages. Which having done Blackrock Caverns and moved on to Stonecore I can see the issue, boss health points!

Anyway, here’s the Blackrock Caverns video, the hardest part was getting the 3rd boss to go through the lava – and it’s not THAT tricky really – it’s just I failed the first time, thankfully I was able to reset. What is nice, is all the loot! great for 79 twinks, so it sells well in the auction house.

Enjoy more!


I had a request for a real-time video in a BG, so I did. I wasn’t quite sure what would be best to show.. so I will show my favourite bit – killing horde.

Arcane Blast has no projectile animation, this means it superb at not revealing your location. I wasn’t exactly hidden, but in the chaos of a fight (gets better towards the end) no one will think to target you! If they do I pop mirrors to confuse even more. I can only image how it must look to healers, one minute full life horde -next split second dead.. and another…and another.

It’s fun:)

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