Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

Well now that three mages are raid worthy – and one even has two of the ‘time’ tier pieces from raid finder /dance

The other two mages are clearly letting the side down – but it’s ok I can manage. Got one epic so far ! woo… if i keep at it I might earn some nice rep – who knows.

Level 85!

Just a quick post to say the magi are now level 85!

They are two pieces of epic equipment already, (Mantle of Desire) and (Charmbinder Grips). The latter of which I managed to pick up five for about 100-250g each on the AH, bargain!

Finally we’re onto Cataclysm instances.

I heard about another boxer completing all instances with five mages, I think I came across the video to find that they were done with level 85! mages. Which having done Blackrock Caverns and moved on to Stonecore I can see the issue, boss health points!

Anyway, here’s the Blackrock Caverns video, the hardest part was getting the 3rd boss to go through the lava – and it’s not THAT tricky really – it’s just I failed the first time, thankfully I was able to reset. What is nice, is all the loot! great for 79 twinks, so it sells well in the auction house.

Enjoy more!


I had a request for a real-time video in a BG, so I did. I wasn’t quite sure what would be best to show.. so I will show my favourite bit – killing horde.

Arcane Blast has no projectile animation, this means it superb at not revealing your location. I wasn’t exactly hidden, but in the chaos of a fight (gets better towards the end) no one will think to target you! If they do I pop mirrors to confuse even more. I can only image how it must look to healers, one minute full life horde -next split second dead.. and another…and another.

It’s fun:)

A very easy instance, I had a slight concern about being in the laser room for 5 minutes without a healer – but I just made sure I spammed mana shield up so that the lasers didn’t pick away at me.

The only other problem I had was carelessness, which seems to be rife when I’m actually making the video.

Mudgem and her crew are now on youtube with their first superspeed video! This is my first game video capture, let me know if you have requests/tips for future recordings!

As of posting switch to 1080p for the Audio track

As explained on the youtube description, it was a very sloppy clear of the instance – I was rushing because I was recording.

I should have bought the level 70 PVP gear much sooner, it was an upgrade to all the greens I had accumulated over the last 4 levels!

The plan was to do some PVP at level 74, but it was a miserable failure! either I need more practice, mages suck, or this level band just doesn’t work for me. I found Frost too fiddly, Fire not enough instants, Arcane – usually I love but just wasn’t the one shot 5x Arcane Barrage I remembered.

Well at least I got EPIX!

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