Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

I may have dedicated this blog to the progression to Mudgem and her team of mages, but I’m sure to bring it up sooner or later. I do have active level 85 boxing toons, in the previous video you will see five of them albeit earlier in their progression.

Azzuzin – Paladin PVE Tank / PVP Healer
Chrystallis – Shaman PVE Resto Healer
Umuze – Shaman PVE Elemental DPS
Pheebra – Shaman PVE Elemental DPS
Zeema – Shaman PVE Elemental DPS

I use my Paladin in PVP Healing gear along with the following DKs

Subone | Subtwo | Subthree | Subfour


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