Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

The Nexus

The majority of this instance was trivial, the four dragonkin caught me off guard when I realised I couldn’t use polymorph and at that moment they were upon me! thankfully Mirror Images was on cooldown.

The only boss I had any trouble with was Keristrasza. I was worried about the dot knowing I’d have to keep moving, this lost me dps – so I looked it up online, it really wasn’t as bad as I had thought.. It was actually the crystalfire breath I should be trying to avoid.

I tried putting a mage at the four entrances to her arena but it just made it difficult to manage. The simple solution in the end was to run past the boss after laying down Mirror Images, and attack from the side in a group whilst not going mental trying to remove the debuff stacks.

The Nexus complete!


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