Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

Why Multi-box?

I often get asked “Why do you multi-box?” and instead of replying.. I’m just going to point them here instead.

It all started back in ‘Vanilla’ WOW, if you’re new to WOW you have been seriously spoiled. We had no dungeon finder and there were no flying mounts. There was a city channel (4. LookingForGroup), this means if you don’t have luxury of being in a Guild where members were you level and wanted to party, you would have to use the LFG channel to find other members for your PUG (Pick-up group).

This is what typically happened.

18:00 – Looking for group! Need (healer,dps,tank)
19:00 – Finally, got a group together – to the gryphon!
19:45 – We’ve all arrived at the dungeon entrance

Then something like…
20:00 – Wipe
20:15 – Wipe
20:30 – “I’ve got to go..”
21:00 – Back in the city! Need (healer,dps,tank) to finish instance….

Even if you managed to get through the instance in one night, you’ve no promise the item you want will drop and if it does that you will win it.

So multi-boxing had never been more appealing, the idea of running an instance in your own time as much as you like and you get to keep all the drops. People suggests ‘no-lifers’ multi-box, but in fact the reason I started multi-box is because I got tired of the amount of time I’d have to invest to get a decent group together, now I could progress more in less time!

Fast-forward to now; I do still play individual characters sometimes. Zuls are challenging for a multi-boxer, I’ve only down a few bosses this way. So individually I’m running Zul for gear and will play Azzuzin as a tank in the upcoming Firelands raid with my current Guild Nemesis. However it’s difficult to let go of five accounts, it keeps World of Warcraft fresh and adds new challenges.


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