Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

I didn’t think this would go as well as it did! all this level 72, which is under par for this instance.

The undead spider packs had one ‘beast’ that I could CC and I nuked the others melee/caster/webber. Elder Nadox was simple mirrors+nuke.

The podiums that led to the next boss with the crystals were a bit tricky, line of sight meant I had to get close. I couldn’t CC the undead so had to ice block Mudgem before she died and finish nuking the rest before anyone took too much damage. Prince Taldaram was fairly straight forward with no wipes.

I wiped several times on Jedoga Shadowseeker, generally because I forgot about the thunderstorm AOE damage to my mages. The time I successfully beat this boss, I didn’t pop the mirrors until after the first minion summon.

I thought I’d have trouble with the Herald Volazj, but actually I beat it first time! Firstly I nuked him without mirrors and he started his ‘insanity’ spell. Once under his spell I cast Arcane Explosion on all mage to clear the evil gnomes. As soon as the boss appeared again I popped mirror images and nuked him before he finished casting a second ‘insanity’ spell. That was too easy!


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