Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

The team are still only level 72, yet I thought I would attempt Drak’Tharon’s keep.

The trash was harder than the bosses, but even they weren’t THAT hard. The annoyance was the amount of undead that I wasn’t able to polymorph.

None of the bosses are noteworthy, simply mirrors + arcane blast until dead. Stepping outside of the Blizzard for the Lich boss might have been smart, but I’m really getting into the spirit of being a typical mage who doesn’t care about anything but DPS!!

I had some line of sight issues on the stairs for the last boss, the DPS start was slow until I realised I wasn’t hitting him with arcane blast – it was only the mirrors making a dent – so unfortunately two died, but ran back in for a snapshot.

Lots of screenshots this time! Last instance I didn’t expect to finish it so I was a bit slack!


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