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Alterac Valley – Video

I had a request for a real-time video in a BG, so I did. I wasn’t quite sure what would be best to show.. so I will show my favourite bit – killing horde.

Arcane Blast has no projectile animation, this means it superb at not revealing your location. I wasn’t exactly hidden, but in the chaos of a fight (gets better towards the end) no one will think to target you! If they do I pop mirrors to confuse even more. I can only image how it must look to healers, one minute full life horde -next split second dead.. and another…and another.

It’s fun:)


Three Multi-boxers in AV – oh what fun.

Level 70 PVP Gear

I should have bought the level 70 PVP gear much sooner, it was an upgrade to all the greens I had accumulated over the last 4 levels!

The plan was to do some PVP at level 74, but it was a miserable failure! either I need more practice, mages suck, or this level band just doesn’t work for me. I found Frost too fiddly, Fire not enough instants, Arcane – usually I love but just wasn’t the one shot 5x Arcane Barrage I remembered.

Well at least I got EPIX!

A little PVP fun

Just a little something from this evening

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