Nuke!! – World of Warcraft Multi-boxing Mages

A very easy instance, I had a slight concern about being in the laser room for 5 minutes without a healer – but I just made sure I spammed mana shield up so that the lasers didn’t pick away at me.

The only other problem I had was carelessness, which seems to be rife when I’m actually making the video.


Mudgem and her crew are now on youtube with their first superspeed video! This is my first game video capture, let me know if you have requests/tips for future recordings!

As of posting switch to 1080p for the Audio track

As explained on the youtube description, it was a very sloppy clear of the instance – I was rushing because I was recording.

I should have bought the level 70 PVP gear much sooner, it was an upgrade to all the greens I had accumulated over the last 4 levels!

The plan was to do some PVP at level 74, but it was a miserable failure! either I need more practice, mages suck, or this level band just doesn’t work for me. I found Frost too fiddly, Fire not enough instants, Arcane – usually I love but just wasn’t the one shot 5x Arcane Barrage I remembered.

Well at least I got EPIX!


Running this at level 74 is not easy going when everything is orange, but I’m impatient and I ‘had’ to do it. Not only do I have reduced DPS from missed spells, but polymorph does not last very long and sometimes I need to polymorph after every kill of about 4 trash mobs.

Slad’ran and Moorabi were simple, and I was confident enough with the last boss to run without the UI. The Drakkari Colossus elemental boss caused me some trouble, I just had to make sure I ran a good distance away when it was swapping form.

The worst part of this instance were the charging rhinos. 75% life off a mage straight away, and I had to hope it wasn’t re-targeted. I had a few corpse runs.

Just a bit of fun.

If only I could multi-box painting… this house DIY would go a lot faster!

The team are still only level 72, yet I thought I would attempt Drak’Tharon’s keep.

The trash was harder than the bosses, but even they weren’t THAT hard. The annoyance was the amount of undead that I wasn’t able to polymorph.

None of the bosses are noteworthy, simply mirrors + arcane blast until dead. Stepping outside of the Blizzard for the Lich boss might have been smart, but I’m really getting into the spirit of being a typical mage who doesn’t care about anything but DPS!!

I had some line of sight issues on the stairs for the last boss, the DPS start was slow until I realised I wasn’t hitting him with arcane blast – it was only the mirrors making a dent – so unfortunately two died, but ran back in for a snapshot.

Lots of screenshots this time! Last instance I didn’t expect to finish it so I was a bit slack!

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